Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ummmm- going away song?

 All right- so my family's a bit odd, and so for their going-away shindig, my parents, aunts, uncles etc.  got together and wrote this song, which i thought i should share, because it's just so rediculous.  (it's sung to the tune of "The battle of New Orleans"  )

In two thousand ‘leven I took a little trip
Just as fer from my hick town as I could manage it
I took a pair ‘a sandals and I took a pair ‘a jeans
And I set out fer adventure ‘n  to find out what life means

Well . .. I . . chewed my gums and the bugs they kept a buzzin
Weren’t as many as there was a while ago
I walked downtown to see nothin’ was a happenin
Same as it’s been for as long as long as there’s been crows.  

So  I ran through the briars
And I ran through the brambles
And I ran through the bushes
Where the rabbits wouldn’t go
I ran so fast that my parents couldn’t catch me
Out of NH to a place I do not know

The first that I knowed it  
I seen an aeroplane
Just like in those picture books I look at when I can
It was startin up its engines and I seen this was my chance
So I hitched up my britches and up the steps I danced.

The folks on the inside were dumb but kinda sweet
They thought I’d want to leave again so tied me to my seat
When the plane it took to leavin I just couldn’t keep me still
I got to  whoopin and a hollerin until I had my fill

We’d been gone about an hour when I figured I would ask
Just where in tarnation they intended fer to pass
You can bet yer bottom dollar I nearly fell right through the floor
When they said we’d cross the puddle and land where mountains soar

After hours and hours that never seemed to end
The plane it took to landin in a place called Switzerland
They got oddly sounding people there  and lot’s a buildings too
So it sure was  reassuring fer to hear their cows say moo

I started feelin lonely and I telephoned my kin 
When I told them what had happened
They thought I’d had some gin
They said that when I sobered up
There’s chores that must be done
So I hung up on that telephone and set out for some fun.

I couldn’t talk their lingo and my money didn’t work
But I found a little  frauline with blonde hair and pretty smirk
She didn’t really want to talk and that was all ok
And I saw the sights of Switzerland just  rolling in the hay

Well . .. I . . chewed my gums and the bugs they kept a buzzin
Weren’t as many as there was a while ago
Sure is sweet being somewhere that’s different
Learnen lots a things that I never did  know. 

So I stayed a year in that land so far away
A whistling and ‘a yodelin  and visiting the hay
After that I figured that I’d really had enough
Cause  eatin  chocolate sausages  was really getting tough

I kissed my little frauline and said auf viedersen,
Time for me to go home, but I may be  back again
For now that I have learned so much and seen what must be seen
I’m thinking that Contoocook is the place for all my dreams

Well . .. I’ll . . chew my gums as the bugs they keep on buzzin
Don’t seem so bad as they was  a while ago
I get to walk downtown where nothing is happenin
Just the way it’s been ever since there was a crow.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So I'm leaving on August 9th, which means that I'M LEAVING IN 23 DAYS!!!!!!  So I'm just starting to formulate lists and purchase classier clothing, but it still seems unbelievable that in less than a month, I'll be in a different country for a year.  I probably should be studying more German, but the Swiss are the only country that sends tests to its students, so by doing the bare minimum, I'm probably doing more than a bunch of other kids.  Anyway, I am now going to look up the maximum weight for bags when flying Continental... so yah :)