Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eishockey und Baguette hotdogs

So once again it's been a while since the last time I posted/ sorry :p
So basically the last while has been school, and hangin out with peeps from school- however, there are definitely twO highlights/// first, I went to a hockey game, which is actually really big in Fribourg, because they have one of the better teams- it was honestly soooo cool: the fans were all singing, and some brought gynormous banners with them and were waving them- the energy was incredibly high, and it was just a normal season game
The other thig was just a really cool hotdog, which is apparently normal here. What they do, is they take a smallish baguette, cut it in half, and poke a hole in the middle, then squirt ketchup in there, and then in goes the hotdog....... So it's messless, and you can eat it like a corndog, except there's no stick, just a handy dandy bread holder, which is naturally delicious, because it's fresh European bread
So that's all for now, gotta study for a math test tomorrow (icky!!!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Alright, so the first week of school has now passed by, and it was actually awesome! The other kids in my class were all uber friendly and nice and welcoming! The classes might be a bit tough (the Swiss equivalent of high school, "college" is actually voluntary and so the level is quite elevated. English class is actually the funniest thig ever, because although the teacher was born in Switzerland, he is the epitomy of the stereotype of British-ness. "coffee or tea, and with whom" "good lord" "oh dear", as well as countless snide remarks, all said in a textbook "I was educated at Oxford, therefore everything I say sounds disdainful" voice. This is not to say I have anything against england, or the Brits... Quite the opposite, in fact- it is merely that almost anything he says sends me into a fit of laughter.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Its been a while

Sorry, i know its been a while since mz last post... things have been a bit busy, and that, combined with laziness have created this dearth of postage.
So I had some uber-traditional food a litle while ago... here, cow farming is really big, so naturally, they use all parts of the cow in their cooking (very traditionally, now not so much).  And so, i was served various types of meat, without the slightest idea what they were.  I tried them all, and they were all good, except two, which tasted a bit funky........ guess what?  I can now say that ive eaten cow toungue and cow udder!!!
So school starts on Monday, at two o clock in the afternoon... however, i still have to go to a language school in Bern at 8 in the morning... so the late start time does nothing for me.  I must say though, im quite excited for school to start... because then i can start to get to know a bunch more kids from around here... and that be a good thing (for anyone who actually cares, my school is called St. Croix, in Fribourg, which pronounced `Freiburg` in german).  Its still gorgeous in die Schweiz, a bit cooler than last week, but not too cold.  Basically like spring weather in NH, except a bit warmer.  The best thing is, that because Swityerland is so far from the Ocean, the air is very dry, so even when its hot, it dosnt feel that bad.  Yah, dont really know what else to say, so thats all for now