Saturday, October 29, 2011

BERLIN!!!! (and roman ruins close to my house in Switzerland)

Soooo- i got back relatively recently from berlin, and here are some pictures of that grand city... a tad out of order, but oh well :p
So, in Berlin, there are bears like this everywhere, with all kinds of different themes and paint jobs etc.  This one was (surprise surprise) in the american embassy 

Bundestag building, wicked cool walkaround, and mirrors and stuff- just really cool... oh, Bundestag is like the congressbuilding of Berlin

 More Bundestag views
And another picture of the same

Me and Raphael (host broski) in front of the Brandenburger Tor

Again the Brandenburg gate

If you want to be super touristy you can rent a Trabant (old car from the communist times) to get around in

The signs to walk or not walk are wicked cool... the little dudes have hats!!!

The roof of the Sony Center, which was wicked cool, and looks like a gynormous circus tent from the air

Holocaust memorial

Eleonora and I in front of Checkpoint Charlie

Its funny cuz in english, russian, and french they say that you cant have weapons and obey traffic laws etc, but then they ran out of space, so in german they just wrote that youre entering the american sector

A very nice church 

The town hall 

A brewry in Berlin 

In the subway looking at a map (a typical occupation)

Old fashioned east german hat... yes!

TV interview (not actually me, just Raphael... my job was standing there and doing nothing)

Both are of Castle Sans Souci, a cool castle, a bit like Versailles, except smaller
Im pretty sure this was also called the Brandenburger tor, which confuzed the heck out of me

Now these are roman ruins, just really cool (not in Berlin)


Maybe hallway through which animals were lead to fight or something? a bit rundown

Cool old brickwork

Some of those infamous roman arches (although most likely fixed up a bit)

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