Sunday, December 11, 2011

A wonderful trip to Tessin, Luzern, Bellinzona, and Altdorf

Getting into the cristmas spirit... quite a few chrismas trees an such out and about

Can you believe how pretty this is??  Its definitely apparent that its Italian (speaking) here, very colorful houses, and on the south side of the alps, so warm (there are palm trees here)

In Altdorf, the Wilhelm Tell memorial... hes quite a big deal here

That reddish house on the left is (im pretty sure) the town hall, and just a very nice bell tower happened to make the picture migrate a tad to the right

Here there be giants (or at least chairs for them)

A very pretty closter/churchey doodad... theyve got some nice lookin relics and stuff in there too

A view of the same from under... looks kinda imposing from here... even though its painted yellow and red (not a particularly intimidating color scheme, i find)

The central plaza thingy (lots of towns have a skating rink in the middle, just cuz... temporarily)

Yup... see that disco ball?  They know how to get down here!!  They also had a blues band, which didnt go 100% with the disco/flashy lights theme, but it was still cool

The view out from the house (with the super awesome dude who took me out there, along with his wife... of whom there arent really any pictures... but shes super awesome too!)

Really pretty church thingy (pretty sure)

A view of the castle from underneath

Looking through a crossbow hole in the wall of the castle at the city

Now the big castle behind us... wicked cool actually... the dude who controlled this, and two other, smaller castles, actually had control over most of the trade between italy, and the rest of europe, because the pass that you need to go through is right on the other side

Walkin castle walls

More walls

Looking down on that cool churchey thingy

Photo op... all three of us at the same time taking a picture

This is luzern... a super famous, super old bridge (that actually burned down like 10 years ago... this is a replica)

Really pretty paintings of buildings... old school graffiti

The music hall in luzern... idk why the roof dosnt fall off, but super pretty with mountains and lake and such

Looking out on the town

Oops, back in tessin, a wicked cool house (those heads arent painted on... theyre legit sculptures built into the house)

Here (more tessin) is a picture of one of the aforementioned palms

And once again tessin, just a pretty pink house

And still in tessin, just really pretty i found... they got style for theyre houses in tessin!! watch out world, imma gonna get me a pink house!

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  1. Looking good. Glad to know they celebrate Christmas in Switzerland.